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Cantilever load cell product features and advantages
Dec 21, 2017

We know a wide range of World Wide load cell products for a variety of scale body. Which cantilever load cell load cells as a World Group, one of the products, it has been widely used in platform scales and other systems. So that with the constant innovation Shiqian weighing sensor products, the product will bring great convenience to many enterprises.
Cantilever load cell, one end of the fixed, one end of the load, the use of steel ball force, up and down the pressure head bearing or double ball-head structure, with a good seal structure. Self-aligning after the force is good, easy to install, easy to use, interchangeable. Typical applications for cantilever load cells include weigh scales, platform scales, hopper scales, crane scales, systems for weighing aircraft with conventional lever systems and conversion scales for solids, fluid flow scales, body scales, batching scales, case scales And fine chemical ratio scale.
Platform scale is between the scales and truck scales electronic scales. According to the value of weighing objects are divided into: ordinary type, precision and high precision platform scale. At the same time according to the use of the environment is divided into ordinary type and explosion-proof platform scales. With the development of enterprises, platform scales are widely used in all aspects of production. The new structure of high-quality carbon steel weighing platform, compact and reasonable structure; pattern plate steel table; the system accuracy, rapid weighing, stable and reliable, easy installation and maintenance, easy to move, widely used in various industries

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