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How to do the pressure sensor pressure mouth correctly installed method steps?
Dec 21, 2017

Accurate measurement of pressure sensors is very worthwhile to study. To make accurate measurement of the sensor, in addition to the correct selection and calibration of the pressure sensor, you also need to pay attention to the correct installation of the entire system. The correct installation of the system includes the opening position of the pressure inlet, the proper laying of the connecting conduit and the correct installation position of the instrument.

Do the correct installation of pressure sensor pressure mouth, there are several steps:
The first is to try to avoid the pressure port placed in the pipeline bending, bifurcation and flow eddy formation area.
Second, when there are prominent objects in the pipeline, the pressure port should be taken in front of it.
There is a wide container, take pressure port should be placed in the fluid flow and no eddy current areas.
Pressure sensor for pressure testing, in fact, through a measurement system to achieve. The actual control point of view, the above is to do a precise measurement of the system must be properly installed.
All in all, the process pressure to determine the location of the mouth to be able to measure the measured parameters to be selected. Of course, when we have to adjust the valve in the vicinity of the pressure, if the pressure port in front of it, then the valve should be not less than 2 times the diameter; if the pressure port in the following, then the valve should be not less than 3 times the distance between the tube path.

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