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Relationship between accuracy and angular difference of load cell and its solution
Dec 21, 2017

We know that a load cell is actually a sensing device that converts a quality signal into a measurable electrical signal output. Load cell by conversion method is divided into as many as 8, the most widely used resistance strain. For weighing sensors, the most important thing is its accuracy is reliable. So we must not be able to appear angular difference phenomenon. So what is the phenomenon of angular difference phenomenon? In the face of this problem and the appearance of the phenomenon we should how to solve it? Below we will discuss with you about this matter.
Weighing the platform to load a certain weight on the difference between the different positions, as long as the absolute value of the difference is greater than or equal to an index value, we think this scale angular difference. If there is angular difference which will directly affect the accuracy of the load cell, but the angular difference on the accuracy of the weighing effect has a certain degree of covert, non-professionals is not easy to find. Users often weigh the test in the middle of the scale test, the middle accurate will think that the whole scale is accurate, easy to ignore the angular difference, so that the weight is not in the middle of the scale body caused by the error is difficult to find at the time.
The so-called angular difference is mainly due to the sensor at the factory, the consistency of the sensor is not necessarily ideal, coupled with the environmental factors in the field and the installation restrictions, to a number of sensors in parallel group scale imbalance. To solve the above problems, the junction box must be used to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor and sensor output impedance close to the same, so as to ensure the balance of the entire scale.

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