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Sensors used in driving school exams
Dec 21, 2017

We all know that driving test is no longer a manual judge, are used to judge the so-called computer, then the computer is how to judge it? This requires the use of sensors, driving test and peacetime training are likely to use the sensor.

Driving test often require wheels can not be pressure line, or the body can not qualify, this how to judge? This requires the use of infrared sensors, with the help of infrared sensors we can know the wheel has no pressure line, the body has not appeared, There is no point or stop parking, which are very simple. Of course, we can also use sensors when training, such as the use of angle sensors to measure the vehicle over a single bridge tilt.

So in the driving test and training will use the sensor, of course, the current sensor used is not a lot, along with driving test reform will have more sensors applied to this area, these sensors must require high precision, good sensitivity, And quality and stability need to be guaranteed.

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