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The difference between truck scale and crane scale
Dec 21, 2017

Truck scales and crane scales are weighing equipment, so some people call the truck scale crane scale, you can use the installation of different parts to distinguish between the fixed pulley in the car is mounted on the scale, hanging on the driving hook Is the hook scale, crane scale can be regarded as a kind of driving scale. Hanging scales are three scales, traffic scales are non-standard scales, so in use, the installation location is very different.

Hanging scale selection is also very important, Hanging scale is a relatively simple weighing equipment, do not need to be modified, the factory can be used! There are generally direct Hanging Scale and wireless crane scale two, was hanging scale is directly in the Weighing the scale above the display device, wireless crane scale by the scale body and instrumentation, can be accumulated for printing and other operations; and the driving scale is a non-standard scales, driving scale is used in crane weighing equipment, specialized For metallurgical steel mills / foundries ladle, ladle, tube bar, coil, electromagnetic sucker and other homework weighing measurement and development. Not only weighing high precision, but also with overload alarm, overload protection and other special features.

Hanging scales are mainly used in the places where factories, mines, freight yards, ports, wharfs, warehouses, etc., finish the measurement at the same time during lifting or loading of goods. They are also widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, building materials, light industry, transportation, electricity, Transport, construction sites and warehousing and other departments of the weighing, the efficient completion of the weighing of goods to be measured and monitoring; and traffic scales, the general use of large tonnage of the above traffic! Due to the large tonnage of crane costs increased more And the safety is also reduced when installing the truck scale.

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