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When installing level sensor need to pay attention to what place?
Dec 21, 2017

Liquid level sensor frost device supporting the use of time, when the scene pressure is low, when in total time often will come to such an environment, is the total out of the pressure difference, which set up on-site thermocouple put forward very high Application

Here's how to set up under the liquid level sensor to introduce:
First, the pressure sensor liquid level pressure head pressure head should maintain a balance.
Second, the resistance transmitter and oxidative or overheating of the measured medium to fight.
Third, the pressure tube to do or shorter.
Fourth, anti-dumping accumulation in the guide tube.
Fifth, the pressure pipe should be installed in the temperature gradient and temperature persistence small, no impact and vibration of the central.
Sixth, the level sensor because of its small range, the installation of the same position and uneven force caused by pressure changes.

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