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Electronic Crane Scale Daily Maintenance And Maintenance Methods
Dec 21, 2017

Electronic hook scale is a very convenient scale, have to say that it is smart, convenient and even cute, so many users are welcome. Care must be taken to maintain your electronic hook scale; many do not understand this. I may say that there are many people who may even oppose it. They think that "modern technology is very advanced. The electronic crane scale can also be used for a long time and should be maintained." If you have this idea, it is wrong. Electronic crane scale must be maintained, but also to maintain well, daily weighing work, we maintain only the basics of knowledge and hands-on; maintenance is just a detail, but it can prevent you from causing huge losses occasionally. Today we illustrate four points:
1. Before each weighing, to ensure that the scale body at zero state, not zero press the reset button.
2. When the meter is dead, the battery undervoltage symbol appears and should be immediately charged, which will ensure the battery life. Charge the first three times 10-12 hours, to ensure full activation of the battery, 4-6 hours after each charge can be. Battery damage can affect the life of the battery inside the meter and the stability of the meter's digital display.
3. When the instrument displays garbled, first check the connector is loose, the data line is not damaged, such as the line and the connector are no problem, can be easily corrected, generally can solve the problem. ) Easy to correct The manual has a detailed description of the notes.
4. When using the goods as much as possible to clear the clearance, weighing should not exceed the scope of the use of range, if it is found that the scale abnormalities do not belong to the above symptoms, do not disassemble, do not understand the situation need to contact professionals to solve.