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Electronic Crane Scale Remote Control Is What Use?
Dec 21, 2017

Electronic crane scale can usually be divided into direct electronic crane scale and wireless transmission of electronic crane scale two categories. Directly in the electronic crane scale maintenance, the use of the remote control, then the calibration, peeled, set zero and so very inconvenient. Especially in the larger tonnage of electronic crane scale calibration process even more so, because the electronic crane scale hanging in the air ......
Therefore, with the widespread use of electronic crane scale, the remote control function added to the electronic crane is more important.
Directly in the electronic crane scale to increase the infrared remote control can have two ways:
1, universal remote control coding chip infrared remote control function;
2, using the shape of the household appliances and receiver not only has a moderate control distance, generally up to 8-10 meters, to meet the general requirements, compared with the use of general-purpose remote control code chip has a greater advantage.
First, the electronic crane scale only need to install the infrared receiver, decoding software to achieve, so that direct electronic crane scale to increase the remote control function, if you remove the original button, the basic increase in hardware costs, proved to be a good idea.