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How To Ground Electronic Platform, Electronic Truck Scale How Much Ground?
Dec 21, 2017

How to ground electronic platform, electronic truck scale how much ground?
Summer thunderstorm weather is coming, every thunderstorm season there are some electronic truck scale encountered lightning, not only suffered heavy losses but also affect the normal use, the reason? That is the grounding of the electronic truck scale.

Electronic truck scale is involved in a variety of equipment, precision instruments, although the various components in the manufacture have taken the necessary technical measures, but the entire device is a weak system, in order to ensure measurement performance, technical performance and safety performance, grounding and grounding device is A necessary safety technical measures.
The following briefly describes the common law of electronic truck scale grounding:
First, the basic grounding: Electronic truck scale can be welded or bundling grounding network grounding, and with the anchor bolt electrical connection to form buried in the foundation of the grounding grid for the weighing platform, sensors and pipeline protection grounding, grounding resistance Less than 4 ohms.
Second, the floor scale room grounding: the ground by the pound room ground ring grounding device and the pound room vertical and horizontal beam of more than two main steel together, the pound room ground piles and ground wire mesh welded connection. Pounds room power must ensure that there is a ground, the use of three-phase plug, while the power lines in the addition of lightning arresters, earth leakage protectors and air switch, play a safety role. Weighing instrument shell and ground piles must be effectively connected, help to suppress or eliminate all kinds of electromagnetic interference.
Third, the lightning protection grounding network: lightning protection, lightning receptors, arresters, lightning rods and other lightning protection devices and grounding body radial or annular interconnected composition. Lightning flashover device using lead wire, the material used (40 × 4) mm galvanized flat steel or cross-sectional area of not less than 95 square mm of copper wire, connected with the ground.
In the daily test, we found that many users lack the understanding of the importance of electronic truck scale grounding, simply grounding or not grounding, the result is often affected by electromagnetic interference or damage caused by lightning. Therefore, the correct and reasonable grounding, electronic truck scale can enhance the safety and reliability to ensure the safe use of electronic truck scale and the value of accurate and reliable.