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Load Cell Manufacturing Process Model Innovation
Dec 21, 2017

1. Production model innovation
Break the traditional load cell manufacturing methods, the implementation of manufacturing processes and flexible components and accessories batch production line innovation. Change the original drawing distribution model, based on the electronic distribution process, from design to manufacture of three-dimensional model directly to the production line. Compared with the traditional two-dimensional drawing distribution, which improves work efficiency, but also shorten the process preparation cycle. Due to the full use of structured, three-dimensional visualization means is conducive to the realization of three-dimensional process design and testing to ensure that the elastic element has a higher size, shape accuracy and product uniformity.
2. The key manufacturing processes to promote automation and intelligent transformation
Strain gauge load cell production process is to support the process, the basic process, the core process and the special process of scientific use and integration. Among them, the core manufacturing process plays a key role in the whole production process of the load cell, and the outstanding performance is in the paste, curing and post-curing of the strain gauge; zero temperature and sensitivity temperature compensation; performance testing and verification procedures. Although the principle and manufacturing process of strain gauge load cell make it difficult to connect seamlessly between the processes of its production line, as Internet thinking gradually penetrates into various enterprises, the manufacturing process of load cell should also be revolutionized, Otherwise there is the danger of wave elimination. The experience of load cell manufacturers in the leading position in the international market is to automate and intelligently transform key manufacturing processes by automating and intelligently transforming key manufacturing processes that have a large impact on the quality of the load cell.