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New Material Development For Sensors
Dec 21, 2017

Sensor material is an important basis for sensor technology, sensor technology is an important support for the upgrade.
With the progress of material science, sensor technology is becoming more and more mature with more and more types. In addition to the early use of semiconductor materials and ceramic materials, the development of optical fibers and superconducting materials provides the material basis for the development of sensors. For example, many semiconductor materials based on silicon are easy to be miniaturized, integrated, multifunctional and intelligent, and the semiconductor photothermal detector has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high precision and non-contact, and the like, and the development of infrared sensors, laser sensors , Optical fiber sensors and other modern sensors; In sensitive materials, ceramic materials, organic materials developed rapidly, can be mixed with different formulations of raw materials, chemical composition in the deployment of precision, based on high-precision sintering through sintering to get a certain or Several gases have the identification of sensitive materials used to make a new type of gas sensor. In addition, macromolecule organic sensitive material is a new type of sensitive material with great potential for application in recent years. It can be used as a sensor of thermal, photosensitivity, gas sensitivity, moisture sensitivity, force sensitivity, ion sensitivity and bio-sensitivity. The continuous development of sensor technology has also promoted the development of newer materials such as nanomaterials. NRC Corporation of America has developed a nano-ZrO2 gas sensor to control the emissions of motor vehicle exhaust gas, which has a good effect on purifying the environment and has a broad application prospect. Due to the sensor made of nano-material, with a large interface, can provide a large number of gas channels, and the on-resistance is very small, conducive to the sensor to the miniaturization of the development of science and technology as more and more new materials will be born