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Sensors Help Boost The Food Industry
Dec 21, 2017

In modern industrial production, especially in the automated production process, the sensor plays an increasingly important role. In the food industry, sensors are the main ways and means of obtaining information in the field of nature and production. Sensors are helping the food industry and promoting the informatization of the food industry.
Sensors help boost the food industry
Rely on sensors for food industry production information, is the development trend of modern food processing enterprises. Integrated circuit detector has been widely used in foreign food processing plants, this technology can detect the deterioration of food time. In our country, the role of sensors in the food industry is also more and more important.
With the gradual increase of the importance of food testing in our country, the application of testing technology will be further expanded. By comparing the parameters of the standard database, you can detect the date of food deterioration in a short period of time, and the test results are very accurate. Detection technology in food packaging machinery is no longer limited to the application in the production line. Color machine vision products have been applied in food testing, mainly through the color of food to judge its maturity and quality level. In addition, the application of wireless sensor networks is also popular rapidly, large foreign food processing plants have been the technology applied to the acquisition of food information, food safety systems. In China, more and more enterprise managers have also gradually raised the importance of sensors in the food industry in order to reduce production costs and improve the quality of food packaging.
However, the development of sensor industry in our country is lagging behind. Domestic sensor demand, especially the high-end demand, is heavily dependent on imports, and the localization gap is huge. At present, sensor imports account for 80% and sensor chip imports account for 90%. Internet of Things applications have entered the period of market introduction from government policy support. As the foundation of Internet of Things, sensors are in the upper reaches of the industrial chain, benefiting from the development of the Internet of Things. But the sensor has become the bottleneck of China's IoT development.
Food packaging industry is very broad prospects for development. China's sensor must be made in the localization, application and technology to achieve a breakthrough in the international sensor market has a certain position to achieve the rapid development of the Internet of Things industry, but also to better promote the food industry information.