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The Formation Of Digital Weighing Sensor Technology System And Basic Process Support System
Dec 21, 2017

Strain gauge load cell design and manufacture of digital technology to form the standard system is:
A unified product development process
In the strain gauge load cell structure and process design, it is necessary to absorb the best practice process design at home and abroad, but also must have the characteristics of the company.
A unified standard
The establishment of company weighing sensor digital development standards, covering design, manufacturing, technology, testing platform construction and so on.
3. A unified basic technology
Load cell elastic element using different stress, different structures, the basic manufacturing process is basically the same. Must develop a common, scientific and rational, repeatable production process.
A unified basic database
The establishment of resistance strain gauge library, standard parts library, raw material library, component library, general product database and other basic common database, hiring the actual data.
5. Unified version of the software tools
All three-dimensional design using the company's unified design tools to enhance design efficiency. But need to be solved:
(1) three-dimensional product labeling method;
(2) two-dimensional pattern information to three-dimensional model information conversion technology;
(3) Establish effective methods of modeling and labeling so that 3D digital samples become the basis of product design and manufacture.